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Education & Training

Lewisham Wrestling Club aim to support education, literacy and access to learning resources in the Lewisham Borough. We are working to improve educational skills among primary and pre-primary schools kids in and around the Lewisham Borough by engaging children and young people with learning materials such as: craft materials, writing and reading books, running an educational computer centre with internet access, web designing basic graphic designs and vocational training centre.


Youth Workshop

Our goal is to get children and young people involved in a in various development project, forums and workshops. Our main workshop includes; Alcohol, drugs, knifes & gun crime campaign, especially for young people. Studies have proven that teenagers and young adults are vulnerable to such problems in the community.

Youth Workshops offer children and young people a chance to work together on such problems to gain useful skills and use to help others in the community. We offer free workshops at various times during the year.



Wrestling & Fitness

Lewisham Wrestling Club has created a great impact on most children and young people through wrestling and it does have a very powerful and positive influence on them – especially young people. Thus helping the community in general to get fit and combat obesity; it also develops valuable qualities such as self-esteem, leadership skills and teamwork.

These positive effects can only take place when our team of volunteers work hard with each member individually. We make sure that each member is being place in caring hands of those who place the welfare of all young people first and adopt practices that support and protect them.


Security Training

We create opportunity that will help young people and adults who are not currently in education to gain skills and qualifications to access the labour market. The security course will enable them to work as door-supervisor, door-man, body guards, CCTV surveillance officer or join private security agency.

All beneficiaries will have access to a mentor and free advice and help for each individual who wish to start his own small business.

Venue for Wrestling Training

Days: Sunday (Outdoor Fitness)

Place: Greenwhich Park SE3 0TH  

Forester Memorial Park SE6 1UA 

Time:   11 AM to 3PM 
Age Group:   Any Age

Days:  Every Wednesday


18 Courthill Road, Lewisham SE13 6HB
Time:    5:30pm - 8:00 pm
Age Group:   10 years upwards

Latest News & Events

Coming up Events
Event: 2014 British Junior Championships and Aspull International Championships 2014. 6 junior wrestlers From Lewisham wrestling club will take part and try to bring Gold Medals for Club.

We're recruiting a new Group of Children's and Young people to take part in a twice per Week (Olympic Wrestling and physical activities) for Free of Charge, from 2014 to June 2015. Funded by BBC Children's in need.

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Our record and Achievements


Christ 16 and Israel Tshikeva 18 years old Transitions from one Level to the next, Israel he started Olympic wrestling when he was 5 years old. Moving to a New place at 17 with out your Parents is never easy.

Israel Tshikeva left everything and everyone behind in London to move to Manchester GB Team in order to fulfil his dreams of being one of the top Olympic wrestlers at 100kg.