Welcome to Lewisham Wrestling Club

This is a voluntary organisation aiming to promote sport and fitness activitie,Basic Education,Outreach & information services We do understand issues facing young people and children in general and our work reflect to youth development and progression. The organisation is merged with Youth Association to run various activities, training and workshops to help young people develop their full potential and ability.


Our major focus involves using various multifunctional programs to help Our mostly disadvantaged, South East London Boys, girls and young adults, from the age of 10 years and upwards. Our strategy is to use sport activities as a key tool to reach youngsters who are from the hard to reach community group.




We’re here to support our young people in this difficult period, we asked they experiences of the lockdown and what they want to see in the future, they told us:
How much they value our club , not only for the Sport training they receive but for the support and motivation we provide, how much they missed attending they youth club and how motivated they are to get more involved in activities in future, how they want more opportunities for training, mental health support, volunteering.

Knife&Gun Crime

knife crimeMessage / Campaign.
The coaches at the Lewisham Wrestling Club exercise zero tolerance towards gun & knife campaign.

My name is Muladi Badibengi the funded of Lewisham Wrestling Club and Youth Association. I am an Olympic Wrestling Coach and volunteer Youth Worker.



Our Services
  1. Wrestling session, MMA, Cardio Workout..
  2. Helping the community in general to get fit and combat obesity.
  3. Wome'sn session to combat obesity
  4. Workshops on youth issues & Education.
  5. Outreach & information services.

Our Mission


We wish to bring about a future where the ethnic minorities, Children and Young people are able to realise their full social and economic potential as integral and active members of society in the UK.

We believe this will be enabled by increasing opportunities for sport activities and education, training for qualified employment, improving access to



Education & Training
Education & Training

After school programs for children, from age 10 upwards.....

Youth Workshops

Helping teenagers & young people to become more Independent creatively.....


Our Sports Programme - includes a wide selection of sports activities....

Security Training
Health & Safety

Creating opportunitunities that will help young people who are not currently in .....


Venue for Wrestling Training

Days:  Sunday (Outdoor Fitness)

Place: Greenwhich Park SE3 0TH 

Forester Memorial Park SE6 1UA

Times: 11 AM to 3PM
Age Group:  Any Age

Every Wednesday (Indoor wrestling)

18 Courthill Road, Lewisham SE13 6HB
Times:  5:30 pm 8:00 pm,

Age Group: 10 Years Upward

Latest News & Events

Coming up Events and Mayor of London Project

Event/Project: 2020 Project, LONDON COMMUNITY RESPONSE WAVE3, Supported by MAYOR OF LONDON, to deliver a wellbeing 6 Months sport activities for Young people.

From Marche 2020, we are recruiting a new group of 20 Young people to take part in WRESTLECISE PROJECT FOR ALL including: OLYMPIC WRESTLING TRAINING, MENTORING PROGRAMME AND CLUB LEVEL1 COACHING, Funded by: BIG LOTTERY COMMUNITY FUND.

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Our record and Achievements


Chloe Spiteri started Olympic wrestling training at Lewisham wrestling club in south east London and She was Coaches by Level 2 Olympic wrestling coach Mr Muladi badibengi from Lewisham and Makasi Tshikeva, the Coach has found that Chloe spiteri was talented and decided to train hard and get to 2012 and win gold medal..After hard work at the club, the training pay off, Chloe spiteri has join GB team and she was the only Londoner at the Olympic test event at the Excel Centre.